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What is expected in the IV Congress of the World Azerbaijanis?

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What is expected in the IV Congress of the World Azerbaijanis? — Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia debut

The IV Congress of the World Azerbaijanis will be held on June 3-4 In Baku.


I Congress of the World Azerbaijanis was held on November 9-10, 2001 in Baku on the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev, II Congress — March 16, 2006, III Congress — July 5-6, 2011.

To prepare for the Congress, the organizing committee was established in the State Committee for Work with Diaspora.

Admiral.Az addressed questions about the expected Congress to the head of press service of the State Committee for Work with Diaspora Esmira Khalilova:

What kind of innovations and features you would expect from Congress this year? Will there be any changes?

— The format and content of the IV Congress of the World Azerbaijanis will be different from previous ones. After the official opening of the meeting and presentations, the panel discussions are planned. On the panel meetings, which are organized in the framework of the Congress, the important issues will be discussed. Among them, it’s to be noted the information war in the modern world, new mechanisms of action, the political realities, the role of youth in the diaspora activities, a lobby area, integration into society, participation in political movements and others. In the discussions of the Diaspora leaders and activists will hold an exchange of views, put proposals forward. In addition, The meeting is expected among representatives of the relevant state bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic to discuss issues related to the protection of the rights and freedoms of our citizens, their solutions.

Which countries are invited to this event for the first time?

— The congress will be attended by over 500 representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora from 49 countries. For the first time representatives of the diasporas from Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia and other countries will be the first to participate in the congress.

Is there any original information about the nature of the documents to be adopted at the end of the congress?

— The Congress will hold consultations on the precise definition of the duties of diaspora organizations to build a strategy in line with modern realities, transmit the realities of Azerbaijan to the world community, in accordance with the suggested proposals. At the end of the Congress it’s expected to adopt a number of documents.

What are the main priority themes of the Congress this time?

— In the IV Congress of World Azerbaijanis the upcoming challenges will be discussed, especially the process of  informing the world community about the realities of Azerbaijan. The hearth of discussion will be the construction of the lobby, topics like strengthening the fight against the Armenian propaganda, involvement of youth in the diaspora work.

Is there a change in the number of organizations invited to the Congress, compared with last year’s event?

the new organizations were created in a number of countries since the last congress. New representatives were also invited to the IV Congress of World Azerbaijanis. In general, all regions was taken into account at the invitation of the guests.

 In some regions, several diaspora oraganisations operate at the same time. How do you regulate their participation in this event?

— The functioning of our several diaspora organisations in countries and regions is normal. State Committee for Work with Diaspora cooperates with all organizations, and we have tried that each diaspora organization could be represented with at least one person.

-Which foreign mass media representatives will cover the congress?

— In order to highlight the IV Congress of the World Azerbaijanis along with local media representatives, the representatives of foreign mass media, accredited in Azerbaijan are also invited. This is mainly the mass media from Turkey and Russia. Besides, our compatriots who live in other countries and working as journalists will be among the participants of the congress.

Rashid Mustafazadeh


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